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Kotaku Originals: Smooth Characters Aged in Oak

Illustration for article titled Kotaku Originals: Smooth Characters Aged in Oak

Welcome back fair weekend readers. I promise a full two days of posting this go around, unlike my Memorial Day snafu that left you high and dry after half of Saturday. That said, we still pounded out a reason to mock Owen's alcohol tolerance worthy features and videos in the abbreviated week/end preceding.


Just to let y'all know, I seriously thought about pouring Lipton iced tea into an Early Times bottle and releasing a video of me downing two 16 ounce glasses of it in succession. But that would make me feel like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas and after the thrilling conclusion to GTA: DUI, figured you could do without the self-pity and self-destruction, however staged.


Anyway, here's the week that was in Kotaku original reporting. Crecente doubled up on Wii Fit and tripled up on Far Cry 2; Fahey swooned over Age of Conan. Even if you didn't, something might pique your interest. Give it a look.

SITE Refutes Fallout 3 Goof, Is Not "Red-Faced"

Wii Fit Review: An Identity Crisis

Raving Prince, Assassin and Fischer Rabbids

Pokemon Pizza Party

Grants Awarded For Inspiring Health Games Research

Far Cry 2 Dev and Port Teams Range from 175 to Three

Making Far Cry 2's Africa

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Hands-On

Far Cry 2: No Girls Allowed

Prince of Persia Ditches Roots, Gets a Final Fantasy Make-Over

Shaun White: Wii Play, Pics and Press Release

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Hands-On

Ubisoft Officially Announces Beyond Good & Evil 2

Shaun White Delivers Death to Snowboarding with an Assassin's Creed Engine

Far Cry 2 Brings GTA Sandbox to the Serengeti

And Now, The Metal Gear Solid 4 Soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto: DUI

Yes, Age Of Conan Is Having Problems

Wii Fit: Innovation in Gaming or Marketing?

Korea Getting That "Very, Very" Limited Edition MGS4 Pack, Too!

Square Enix President Laying Down The Law

Age Of Conan - My New Best Friend

Let Me Show You The Dragon Balls

Square Enix Lose Money, Need More Greenbacks

PSN Cards Must Hit Soon

Who Teases a Teaser, Anyway?

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No more digital barf for you, Owen.