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Street Fighter IV Trailer Features New, Classic Characters, Grating Voice Over

Part cinematic sand-painted pre-rendered action, part straight to the point gameplay, this new Street Fighter IV trailer may be your first look at newcomers Abel, Rufus, Crimson Viper and El Fuerte. It may also be your introduction to Annoying Street Fighter IV Announcer Guy, a chatty Cathy who runs at the mouth with an unusual brand of hype. Also prominently featured are the bosses of Street Fighter II, with a respectable dose of arcade gameplay from veterans Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison. It's perfectly acceptable to mute this one, folks! Enjoy!


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No annoying voiceover! grr! That aside, this trailer is just beautiful, plus more gameplay. Funny how the founding fathers show up again (yeah those 4 for you longtime SF fans).

Plus I love the theme remix tied into the trailer itself. Wonder if Capcom may offer it online. (if you aren't jazzed now!)

Although I do like where they are going with the design. Just hope that voice-over guy isn't a part of it. (we need the SF3 TS announcer, or hey even Steven Blum!)