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11 KB Super Mario Kart

Illustration for article titled 11 KB Super Mario Kart

Got this far and realized we've had no hot flashes this weekend. So here's a super-slimmed down Super Mario Kart, done in 11 KB of pure javascript goodness. Pick from Mario, Luigi or Peach and then race on two different maps. It even has a soundtrack.


You'll be beaten off the line easily every time, but if you race the second map and take advantage of the turns, you can get into first pretty quickly.

There's no timer or lap count and your opponents seem to float in the air until you overtake them. Still, I killed a few minutes with this while going off on a reverie, wondering if I'll be 55 and playing a slimmed down javascript Assassin's Creed or something.


Javascript Super Mario Kart [nihilogic]

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Wow, thats preety cool! 11k, reminds me of the 11k Turrican I played many moons ago. JAVA truly is an amazing languange, however, one of its major benefict (portability) is also one of its downfall (its slow because its interpreted). Well done!