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Metal Gear Solid 4 Shirts Sneak Out

Illustration for article titled Metal Gear Solid 4 Shirts Sneak Out

Metal Gear Solid 4 the game wasn't the only MGS thingy that went on sale today. As previously posted, Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo also is putting MGS shirts up for sale. Writes reader Christian:

They didnt look as good as I'd hoped, but found two designs that I'd wear.

Better than finding two designs you wouldn't wear!

Metal Gear Solid Shirts [UT]


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Tim Rogers

i got a bunch of these bastards

hell yeah

i got uhh

both colors of this one from the net store.

should be arriving on my desk in less than twenty-four hours. i will sit here dead still until they arrive!

then i will TEAR off my current shirt and commence the new-shirt-wearing celebration!