Sony Working On Breakapart Motion Controller

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According to a report over at, Sony's next motion-sensing controller is closer to fruition than we may have though. Citing various industry sources, GI explains that the company is working on a controller that breaks into two pieces, each containing an accelerometer for Wii-like motion sensing capability. The story mentions that working versions of the new controller have already been delivered to certain development partners.


Nothing official from Sony on this of course, but GI remains confident that something concrete will be announced in the coming month, possible at the E3 expo this July.

Sony working on 'break apart' motion PS3 pad []

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Superstar90:Did you forget that Jak, Sly Cooper and God of War are all done by third party developers? They aren't done in-house.

@Snokie:And that's why other then a handful of games, nothing will ever come of this, ever. You go in headfirst, or you don't do it at all. Even the Balance Board over it's life it if has over 100 games which use it will never match the impression and install base of the Wiimote.

This is Sony finally waking up and saying "Hey we want some of that causal base too." but they are half-assing it and we aren't even into the third year of the PS3's launch yet. Without 70% support in all future games or better, this will add up to be yet one more add-on which ends up clogging bins at used game shops for years to come.