Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?

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Courtesy of the same leak that's spilled everything else today, there's a little more information to be had on the rumoured introduction of Microsoft's Avatar system. Some of the marketing material mentions that, like Miis are in stuff like Wii Sports, the Avatars will be implemented into "various arcade and retail games" as playable characters. Also mentioned are "hundreds of clothing options", a feature which is interesting when you look at the sample pic attached to the leak (above) and - provided it's real - see one of the characters is wearing an Incredibles shirt, suggesting that unlike Nintendo's offering, there'll be the option of clothing your Avatar in various licensed outfits. Maybe, and this is total conjecture, even a little Master Chief costume?



Luke Plunkett

@Xenigma: That'd be the ideal solution, yeah. Or at the very least, with pre-orders for the games.