When Spore Penis Monsters Attack

The Spore Creature Creature was officially released earlier todayleaked early late last week—and already we're drowning in penis monsters. Proud members of the Spore creature creating community have risen to the cock-filled occasion, crafting dozens of new lifeforms, all based around having huge schlongs. A quick search of YouTube submissions for "spore penis" returns about 150 videos, revealing discoveries like the Penisman, the Penizaur, the Peenisaurus, the Penis Goblin and the brilliantly named Penis Creature #1029438. We're not sure this is what Will Wright had in mind.


By the way, this is not an invitation to send your boner-centric creation to tips. Just consider it a heads up.


Bring Back Duckman!

I'm really not surprised, just disappointed... Some players never cease to amaze me on how to overcompensate for their big useless —-. At least Mr. Wright didn't let us make our own Sim characters with expanded features. Think of how many characters would have boners longer than the width of their houses!