Gears of War 2 Fixes Gears 1 Multiplayer Annoyances

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Gears of War 1 is a really good game. We like it! But there were, like with every game, things that bugged us about Gears 1 multiplayer — made us mad, even. The Cliffster, Gears of War mastermind, cares. The Cliffster doesn't want what bugged you in Gears 1 mulitplayer to bug you in Gears of War 2 multiplayer. Why? Because The Cliffster is good like that. Like we said, The Cliffster cares. Just listen to what The Cliffster has to say:

People loved it but they didn't like the host advantage [in Gears 1 multiplayer]. They got tired of the shotgun inconsistencies. We're fixing all of that. They didn't like the randomness of the chainsaw, so we put the chainsaw duel in — may the best man win! A lot of players wanted respawning, but we added in some modes for downloadable content on Gears 1 that added respawning, but even then it was a 15-second cue. So we have game modes now, like Guardian, where players cycle in and out a lot more often. And Wingman, which is kind of like our version of Last Man Standing Free-for-All, where you have five teams of two each. So it's you and a buddy versus the world, which feels really good. We've added a lot more depth to the multiplayer.

Thanks for that Mr. The Cliffster! Always keen for making stuff better.

Gears 2 Interview [GamePro via NeoGAF via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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I loved Gears 1 multiplayer. It will be fantastic if they really do fix everything for Gears 2.

I would still be playing Gears 1 multiplayer but I just got so damn sick of the host advantage and then people crying when I would host and then people crying everytime I would kill them with the lancer, or the shotgun, or the pistol, or the boomshot, or the longshot... Do you think they could fix that part?

Anyways I have had Gears of War 2 LE preordered for a month now. It's cause I'm hardcore. Or something.