Diablo III Videos (Trailer, Gameplay Footage)

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You've no doubt already read up on it all by now, so give your brain a rest and soak up these three Diablo III clips. First, and above, is the game's official trailer. After the jump, an artwork clip and, best of all, a 19-minute gameplay shakedown.


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Time to reinstall Diablo 2 after i get back from my trip.

Yes blizzard will have a trifecta, now would be a good time to invest in activision stock =p hell even the stock sites are saying it. WotLK will bolster more people into playing World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 is going to replace Starcraft as the Starlight of Korean gaming, but don't worry, SC1 will be the next favorite sport...then maybe soccer, and of course americans and the rest of the world love SC.

and now Diablo. This is bringing back giddy memories of [battle.net] it can be 2 years for diablo to come out for all i care now that i know its coming out i am happy.