Marvel MMO: Gorgeous, Fantastic, Still Very Dead

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Speaking with Marvel writer and universe architect Brian Bendis, ComicMix got a little insight into the sudden death of the Microsoft-backed Marvel MMO.


Bendis, who was one of the executive producers of the game, said that it was "gorgeous and fantastic" but ultimately killed by a faceless Microsoft exec.

CMix: It's no secret that you're an avid gamer. Is there any comic character or title that you'd still like to see in a videogame that hasn't popped up yet?

BB: Well, you're talking to one of the executive producers of the ill-fated Marvel MMO that went away. I have my laptop here, and on it I have the "X-Mansion" level fully completed that only I and five other people have access to play. It's gorgeous and fantastic and no one will ever see it. So I feel bad, because I think that MMO was a phenomenal idea that was extremely well executed and it went away because some guy at Microsoft who we'll never know pulled the plug on it before it even got underway.

But adding to that, I think that they should take each of these Marvel events and turn them into a videogame franchise. "Civil War," which will be part of the next Ultimate Alliance, "House of M," "Secret Wars"...

CMix: "Secret Invasion?"

BB: "Secret Invasion." Absolutely.

Hey, maybe if Microsoft wants nothing to do with it a third-party or Sony can grab it up. I'm sure the fans would still love to see it come to life.


Interview Brian Bendis on Secret Invasion, TV and Marvel's MMO [ComicMix, thanks Nick]

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@Llost: Because they're not a "hugely rich" company. A lot of people get the wrong idea because of the huge success of their movies recently, but Marvel, as a company, is less than a decade removed from bankruptcy. They've long since regained their footing, but financing an MMO on their own, with absolutely no experience making video games in-house, is a recipe for disaster.

As for the people hoping Sony picks this up, well, damn I hope not. Does anyone else remember the last couple licensed MMOs Sony had their hands in? Star Wars Galaxies and Matrix Online anybody?