Balance Board Skateboard Add-on, Bwah?

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As posted earlier, Kotaku's own Mike "Michael" McWhertor was impressed with Skate It's straight forward incorporation of the Wii Balance Board. But for some, maybe just the regular Wii Balance Board isn't enough to get them in the mood for skating. Maybe they want something to sexy the board up. You know, like some sort of snap-on peripheral. Nothing's been announced by EA, but rumors persist Skate It will ship with something like that. When asked if such Balance Board peripheral exists, EA replied:

That's something I haven't heard. So... Our focus is just working with what is provided by Nintendo. So there's not an extra piece. You know, it's really about working with the Balance Board. So if you have one, this is another game you can play with it. It's not about fitness, it's about skateboarding and having fun.


There's a video after the jump. Watch it if you like.

EA denies Skate It Balance Board clip-on accessory [Balance Board Blog via Go Nintendo]

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oh geez...where is the limit?