But, Do You Want Mad Max 4?!

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft Whada week! I am exhausted. By Friday, my brain turns to mush. Watching Mad Max 3 with the fam. Love, love, love Mad Max. But, I really, really hope that old Mel Gibson doesn't make Mad Max 4 — though, I know that director George Miller is interested... What you missed last night Activision First Tried To Buy Blizzard Sony's Plan Is Not To Reduce The PS3's Price Rock Band 2's Drums Sorta New, Definitely Improved Konami Suing Harmonix Over Rock Band Mega Man 9 IS Coming To 360, PS3

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Why would we want Mad Max 4? I figure that we can watch that in RL in a few months when gas prices hit 5 bucks a gallon here in the states.

Speaking of which, I need to totally go buy some spikes and some football padding, so I'll be ready.