Conduit Devs: Wii Worth Better Games Than It's Getting

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High Voltage's Conduit is already looking like it'll be one of, if not the, best-looking Wii game around. And it's a standard FPS to boot! No party games, no plastic add-ons, nothing but shooting in the first-person. Seems an awfully "core" game to be releasing exclusively on the Wii, so why'd they bother? Creative director Matt Corso has the answer:

The Wii is a really cool game system. It's worth better games than it's getting right now. There are some great games out there for the system, but it just seems like there's such an opportunity to do so much more with it. Considering it's such a popular system right now, it just doesn't make sense to not focus on making really quality games.


Matt, be a dear and fwd that onto Ubisoft and THQ, would you? A Conduit dev walkthrough's after the jump if you're at all interested.

High Voltage's Corso: Wii Deserves Better Games Than It's Getting [Gamasutra]

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Amazing, I was just talking to the other Kotakuites last night about this.

Here is the paragraph that RMC from Go Nintendo wrote after the interview with these guys:

"I'll end with a little bit of conversation that came up in our elevator ride down to the hotel lobby. We got into talking about publishers, and while High Voltage wouldn't give me a name, they had a truly horrible story to tell. One publisher they approached outright told them that they didn't understand why High Voltage was making the game. They thought the project was great, but had no idea who they were trying to sell to. After saying that, the publishers said that they wanted to turn the game into a $20 project, and crap it out for a holiday release. Yes, the publisher really said "crap it out". Seriously, how disheartening is that?"

I knew this stuff happens all the time but hearing it from devs that are working so hard and indpedently on the Wii, just makes me really, really sad...

We must send a clear message out there: Wii games are NOT supposed to look worse then games on the GameCube. Sure, you may trick the masses, with your BS shovelware selling tactics, but people wont be blind forever and guess what: We gamers that knew that there was life before playstations are here to educate them. People like you are ruining the videogame industry like a cancer from within. I hate what youre doing to one of my all time favorite activities. Hope you all choke on your big fat bucks made out of ruining the Wii, so then at least, we can have better years ahead of all os us*.

On a side note, I do hope the game is being published by Nintendo. I have a feeling that is why they got Wiispeak support so fast on the game. Mind you, having 360 like kiddies screaming at me on a Wii online game might just be waaaaaaay more then I bargained for...

I wish all the best to High voltage entertainment. I do hope Gyrostarr gets to euroland VC soon.

*I may be talking about the Wii, but of course that this affects all consoles from all makers. Unite and tell them "NO!".