Mercenary Group To Airdrop 360s, Guitar Hero To US Troops

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You familiar with Blackwater Worldwide? They'll call themselves all kind of fancy names, but really, they're a mercenary group. Being an American mercenary group, a lot of their manpower comes straight from the US Army, making that the perfect place to recruit from. And what's a good way to recruit? By spreading good will. Which is spread quite easily when you plan stuff like this:

Blackwater recruiter James Overton is working on packing a Microsoft Xbox video-game console, modem, TV projector and "Guitar Hero" video game into a kit that can be kicked out of a Blackwater cargo plane and dropped to troops in Afghanistan.


Ah, 21st century warfare. Controversial Blackwater Worldwide Using Guitar Hero, Xbox 360 in Recruiting Efforts [GamePolitics]



As if those other scandals weren't enough. Why the heck do they feel the need to deploy smoke over the area anyway? Any eventual attack in the middle of a city on a convoy will come from close enough range that smoke would only be a liability to your own forces.

Sigh, such a debacle.