Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Gameplay Video

Click to viewSnagged on the showroom floor of last week's Comic-Con. It's...certainly looking a lot like Battlefront, which is mostly a good thing. Battlefront with arrows. A lot of arrows. And while everything looks quite lovely, we're still a tad unsure over the choice of levels: in RotK, that battle had thousands of bad guys. This level has a few dozen. Which makes it look like you're on mop-up duty, instead of war-winning duty.

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This is bad game design in yet another way. They have the processing power to make a lot of enemies but they don't (lazy or lack of vision?), instead they up the hp of the enemies so it takes longer to kill them, but taking to long to down one enemy is boring so they up the fire-rate.

Imagine Dead Rising numbers of orcs storming through the gates, with more allies on your side with somewhat competent fighting skills, and with more realistic firing rates.