Halo Wars May Get Third Playable Race In The Flood

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If you happened to miss our live coverage of the Halo universe panel at Comic-Con this weekend, we're not offended. It was pretty missable for the casual Halo fan. But if you're the least bit excited about the release of real-time strategy game Halo Wars, you'll be ecstatic to learn that maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to play as the Flood.

During the Q&A session, a good portion of the panel, a fan asked "Is there going to be a Flood appearance in the Halo Wars campaign?"


"That's a very good question," a panelist responded. "We haven't talked about any other races. All I can say is that it's a complete Halo game." It has already been announced that players will get their hands on a playable Covenant.

We're not going to assume that's code for "Yes, you'll be playing the Flood" — they may just make an appearance — but won't be surprised when their inclusion is announced.

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My friends older brother IS beta testing the game and he laid out the whole story so far, SPOILERS:

You start out as the UNSC ship spirit of fire and are tasked with taking back the farming planet of harvest, this is where things get sktechy, some how u end up following a large Covenant crusier, u jump through its splipspace rupture and follow it. When your ship returns to normal space you are billion of lightyears beyond explored space, and you encounter a shield, a foreruner shield world. It is enteriely flood infested because the coveneant are trying to claim it for themselves, seeing how there is a whole fleet of forerunner ships on the surface. Inside is enourmous, and is powered by an internal sun. Defeat the covenant and flood, and you end the game by detonating the sun and destroying the whole structure.

Flood do make an appearence in multiplayer, they are like animals in most RTS games, small packs litter the maps. but so do sentinals.

For the Covenant and UNSC, there is three options per side, for the unsc there is a infantry commander, heavy weapons and armor guy, and a air commander each with there own bonuses. The covenant have a elite commander who can turn all of his elites invisible for 1 min, (they become visible 2 sec after they attack. A brute commander who gives his brutes "enrage" abilites, and melee bonuses. and finally a prophet with general all around bonuses and a glassing ability (think DoW orbital strike)