Take-Two Talk GTA On The Wii

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Reggie wants it. You (maybe) want it. Take-Two shareholders most certainly want it. So Grand Theft Auto on the Wii's a no-brainer, right? Sure looks that way to us, but we're not Take-Two. Our names aren't anything cool like Strauss. Take-Two themselves are being awful suggestive on the subject, with Ben Feder responding to the "GTA on Wii?" question with:

I can't comment on it, but obviously we have one of the best selling third –party games on the Wii in Carnival Games from 2K Play, so we know the Wii pretty well. We're building up assets to develop for the Wii and we're excited about its growth. I can't comment on GTA specifically on the Wii...

Read into that what you will, but we read a man saying those words with a smirk on his face and his right hand patting his wallet ever so softly. Interview: Take-Two's Ben Feder Talks GTA, Wii, MMOs and More [GameDaily]

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I think there is enough of an audience for this type of game on the Wii. RE4 sold well and Umbrella Chronicles is right behind it in sales (.8M RE in North America, .6 UC in North America) and I think Umbrella Chronicles did well despite the opposition to the game being on-rails. Now the other games mentioned, Scarface, Godfather, and Bully were all mature games, they were all solid ports that reviewed fairly well, but they were also old games and the age alone is enough to have kept gamers who would normally buy the mature games not rebuy them for the Wii.

I guess the Conduit will be the ultimate test. Its a mature title built for the ground up from the Wii by a developer that looks like they actually give a damn about producing a quality title for the console.

Just something @kingmanic While I don't agree entirely with Nintendo's current approach to the market, I think its a little unfair to say that we got them through the "lean" years. To be fair, its because of the "core" gamers that Nintendo faced those lean years in the first place. The core gamers fled from the N64 and the Gamecube because its games and characters were too bright and shiney (the way they had always been) and Sony and Microsoft had all the blood and bullets they craved. I hope no one takes offense to this, but its the truth as far as I can see. The core gamers abandonded Nintendo for the most part and now they're angry that Nintendo isn't catering to them. Nintendo isn't catering to the core gamers because when they did, they dropped to a distant third place.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see quality mature titles on the Wii more than anything, but I'm also not going to blame the company for not supporting something that has proved to be unprofitable for them.