PSP Sales Drop In Japan, But Xbox 360s Are Up

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PlayStation brand hardware is down. Nintendo hardware is up. While Dragon Quest V didn't give the Nintendo DS much of a kick in the pants last week, more casual hardware buyers have come around this week, putting the DS within spitting distance of the PSP. The upward trend of Xbox 360 sales continues on this week's Media Create hardware chart, with Microsoft's console up a good 15%. It didn't have much of a software showing this week, outside of Bully: Scholarship Edition, so we have to wonder what's going on over there. Is Japan... jumping in? PSP - 67,452 Nintendo DS - 56,968 Wii - 41,024 PlayStation 3 - 10,692 PlayStation 2 - 9,291 Xbox 360 - 4,941

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Darth Tigris

360 improves. That's nice (and long overdue), but it still has EXTREMELY low weekly numbers.

But the bigger story is how little the PS3 sells in Japan. Its had some really good weeks at times, but I remember the average being pretty close to what we see here. FFXIII will be huge for the PS3 in Japan, but the sales are surprisingly pathetic.

Its been stated and should be quite clear by now that The Handhelds rule Japan. The DS and PSP are clearly the systems of choice there. Good ole Japan ...