Square Enix's Private Party Currently In Full Swing. The cleverly named DKΣ3713 event is currently blowin' up in Shinjuku right now, giving Square Enix Members a chance to check out the publisher's latest wares. And, yes, we are well aware of all that REMAKE7 nonsense that will probably just lead to broken hearts. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for Final Fantasy related news, should it break.

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Anything FFVII on PS3 (not a frickin PSP or movie cos that's not a real sequel) and I'll be happy as crap. It would certainly make me want a PS3 alot more again since I can get FFXIII on 360. Then versus XIII and FF7 remake on PS3 and chrono trigger on DS.

Maybe the big announcement is just something kingdom hearts though. I hope they don't introduce another character cos I can't stand there characters (except Kairi and rikku). I hated sora for almost a year and then stopped hating him (but still disliked him) when Roxas came around who was so damn annoying I actually could subside my hate of another character. Never done that before, Roxas is clearly someone I hate alot.