Just to Be Clear: FF Versus XIII "PS3 Only Worldwide"

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At Square Enix's DKS3713 - which sounds like a California license plate or the name of a clone from Star Wars - the trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII made dead damn solid certain to specify it was "Playstation 3 Only Worldwide." Hope we can all get back to the pre-betrayal state of things now.


Internet access was nonexistent, perhaps deliberately, for this event so a number of those who attended couldn't get up liveblogs. Also images of the screens were prohibited but you know someone's bootlegged at least one trailer, so if any tumble out we'll try to get them up (send a tip if you see one anywhere.)

We already got up the event's major announcements regarding Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Parasite Eve on the PSP, and the March 2009 due date for the Final Fantasy XIII demo. But there are a couple after action reports if you want descriptions of trailers seen and speculation on gameplay features arising from that. NeoGAF's is a pretty deep aggregation of Japanese blogs covering the show, I'd start there. Some things that caught my (untrained) eye:

• The Kingdom Hearts PSP version will add Snow White to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in Disney's crossover cohort.
• Final Fantasy XIII trailer showed gameplay but no actual battles, drawing out the tease.
• Versus XIII will cross-promote the ROEN fashion brand. All characters in the game will be wearing ROEN designs. Pure speculation, but I don't think it will affect gameplay, I think it's to make you want to buy those clothes.

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I don't get why they do this in private... surely the whole point is to hype up the games, but if no-one can see the trailers, then what's point...

Can't wait for FFXIIIversus though, and the new psp stuff looks cool too...