No Leipzig Press Conference From Microsoft

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Expecting a big announcement from Microsoft at Leipzig? Don't! The company have confirmed that they won't be holding a press conference at the show, instead choosing to focus on...booths and demos. Demos that won't include Gears of War 2, since that game will be absent from the show entirely. Microsoft presser, no Gears 2, and Nintendo won't be at the show at all...that leaves us with a single, solitary press conference. Which is Sony's, on August 20. No arguments over best presser this time! Confirmed: No Microsoft press conference at Games Convention [VG247]

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@cdammers: Would you rather they just rehash E3 material, or actually get a chance to let folks play those games and demos during that time instead? Oh, sure, I can see why big announcements are cool and all, but E3 wasn't that long ago, and MS probably just wants to show off what they have instead of wasting time rehashing the same ol' news.

I'm just saying. Plus, hey, they can't show off GoW2, but that's not really MS's fault.