DJ Max Gets American Release

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Hey, what's hot with the kids right now? Music games, that's what. Particularly the ones where you hit buttons in time with scrolling cues. It's into this receptive market, then, that PM Studios will be publishing DJ Max Fever, with the Korean fave (Fever is a mix of DJ Max Portable and DJ Max 2) due to receive its first ever American release on November 11. If you're a fan of the series, and have been stuck importing it until now, this is good news! If you've never seen nor heard of it, and the idea of Guitar Hero-but-for-DJs-on-a-PSP sounds great, be warned: it's really, really hard. DJ Max Fever Announced [IGN]

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Finally! Already have 1 and 2 on PSP but still... New exclusive content plz? :D Unfortunately they'll probably censor some of the songs like the international edition.

If anyone wants to try it there's a demo for PSP but it's only like a quarter of a song lol. There's also the online PC version with a big handful of free songs.