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No More Heroes Conceived While On The Toilet

Illustration for article titled No More Heroes Conceived While On The Toilet

Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda51 apparently gets a lot of thinking done on the can. While some of us may get our reading and portable gaming done during our private bathroom time, the creator of No More Heroes says he was inspired to create the Wii game while dropping the kids off at the pool. Suda tells the Official Nintendo Magazine that the main character of No More Heroes, originally planned as an Xbox 360 title, was inspired by a pants down sit down session. "I actually came up with the initial idea for a game featuring a [Johnny] Knoxville-style character whilst on the toilet," Suda says. "I decided to use that inspiration as the save game mechanic." Knoxville's penchant for Jackass toilet humor, we assume, was Suda's muse, as it later also fostered inspiration for one of the game's more memorable marketing campaigns. The Making Of No More Heroes [ONM UK]


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I got tennis elbow after play that game... I hate the wii mote... I've since sold my wii (fuck motion sensors)