Take-Two Stock In Nose Dive After EA Loses Interest

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So Electronic Arts buying Take-Two Interactive is no longer a going concern, and as our interest in the story wanes, so do stock prices for the two companies. Both stocks are taking hits on the North American stock exchange this morning. EA started off taking a more substantial hit of 2.7%, but prices have risen during the morning as people realize that hey, it's still EA. As of right now shares are currently trading at $44.34, a drop of 1.44% over the previous close. Meanwhile Take-Two is taking a huge beating as everyone and their mother tries desperately to sell the shares the figured EA was going to to buy. At $21.89 as of the previous close, shares are as of right now trading for $16.43, or nearly 25% lower than they were before talks were officially halted. I'd say that Take-Two's faithful stockholders are getting shafted here, but I doubt there are very many faithful stockholders left out there at this point. Take-Two Falls After Electronic Arts Ends Merger Bid [Bloomberg]

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I'd pass on Take 2, especially if they are not being acquired. They are kinda of a hit or miss one-trick pony kinda company. GTA = guaranteed sales. Everything else = not so much.