Finger-Lickin' Guitar Hero

It looks like Activision has gotten in bed with the Colonel.... Sanders that is. We understand that Kentucky Fried Chicken is teaming up with Activision to do some mega-corp co-branding with Guitar Hero: World Tour and KFC. Specifically the chicken restaurateur plans to kick off a contest at the end of next month to give gamers and chicken-lovers a chance to win a plasma TV, sound system, furniture, refreshment center, gaming consoles and up to 25 games. What! No lifetime supply of chicken? The contest will be tied to the chain's 32-ounce drink cups which will have Guitar Hero images slapped on them. The two also plan to introduce cheat codes to the game that will unlock special features... please no playable Colonel. They also plan to... shudder.... feature KFC in the actual game with "innovative branded cameos." Writing this honestly made me want to run out and by a bucket of KFC, but then I remember the last time I did that and the night I spent praying over the porcelain alter. Damn my aging stomach and intestines.

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Oh Brian, how I envy you! There is no KFC in Belgium, so I can't even "decide not to get some KFC", there's nothing to decide about!

Although I have to admit I'd have a fun time playing as Colonel Sanders with the Air Guitar code active...

I might also enjoy watching my character play the drums with... DRUMSTICKS! (Bah duum pSSsssshh!)