EA Honors Ten Years Of 'Medal'

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Next year, Medal of Honor turns ten years old. Has it really been that long? Strange to think that the Medal of Honor series has been going on longer than the war that it depicts. Anyway, EA have decided to mark the occasion by releasing a boxed-set Special Edition of the 5 PC games in the series - Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Medal of Honor Spearhead, Medal of Honor Breakthrough, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Director’s Edition, and Medal of Honor Airborne. You will also take home a soundtrack CD, strategy guides, DVD documentaries and interviews with WWII veterans (doubtless overjoyed by having their memories turned into a video game) and other MoH bits and bobs for just $39. It is out now in the US - no word yet on a rest-of-the-world release.



Shame the series swims in mediocrity.