Burnout Trophies Are Go, But Not Backwards

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Burnout Paradise for the PlayStation 3 has updated again, this time delivering trophy support to achievement-hungry PS3 owners around the globe. Over sixty different trophies are available, spanning both the original game as well as the Cagney and Bikes updates, meaning that Burnout owners will have a ton of unlocking to get done, especially considering this sad news...

Burnout Paradise saves are locked to your profile. We had hoped to use this to retroactively award trophies, but we discovered during testing that this is not possible. You will therefore require a fresh game-save to receive trophies in Burnout Paradise. If you're familiar with PS3 trophies already, you'll recognise that this works in the same way as all other games that have added trophy support post-release.


Just goes to show, you really shouldn't announce good news until good news actually exists. Burnout Paradise Trophy Pack is Live Today [Criterion Blog]


Not at all unexpected, thought retro would be nice I'm happy to return to return to Paradise City and get my stroll on. That said, and to be fair, I'm not a huge fan of trophy/achievements in general so getting them is just an added bonus I guess. I know some people are really into these systems though, and the may be frustrated by this.