Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Curious Consoles

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Not sure exactly how this alleged scam works/worked. Yewchoo Ng, 27, of Boulder, is accused of ripping off a bunch of retailers for more than $180,000 by buying new 360s and PS3s, prying off their serials and slapping them on old consoles, returning them for the cash and then, I presume, selling off the good merch on eBay or something. For this he's facing 20 years in the federal slammer and a fat fine. For this scam to work, you really need access to a cheap supply of defective consoles, right? Unless, what, he was slapping serials on ColecoVisions, Atari 7800s, boxes of rocks with "PLAYSTASHUN 4" written on them? That's a hell of a lot of overhead for a ripoff, so my guess is the $180,000 is the value of all the machines he bought/returned, not his tainted profit. Sorry, I just can't understand how he had that many defective/inoperable consoles to carry out this scam as described. Any alternative ideas? Man accused of stealing $180,000 in Xbox, PS3 scheme [KUSA-TV of Denver]

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Well, I really wanted to make a joke along the lines of "Well, he did use 360's", but I realized it was too obvious and easy.

Instead, I'll point out how he could have possibly gotten a hold of all those defective consoles- he worked at a refurbishing plant.

Entirely possible.