Is 'Piktura' The New Pikmin For The New Nintendo DS?

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While we're still considering the existence of a new Nintendo DS model — the one with a built-in camera and music playback topping the list of new features — to be filed under "unconfirmed," we want to believe that Nikkei Net reporters aren't just pulling system specs, launch dates and pricing out of the ether. If a new DS is indeed slated for the end of year, something we're likely to find out this Thursday with Nintendo holding dual media briefings in Tokyo and San Francisco, it's probably going to take more than a camera and MP3 playback to woo current DS Lite owners. Maybe Piktura, speculated to be a new Pikmin game could lure them in. Nintendo filed a copyright for the name Piktura with the Japanese patent office this summer but has said nothing official about the property. We do know that Nintendo is hard at work on another game in the Pikmin series. Miyamoto said it himself. But details on that game — its platform, title or design — have been nonexistent. Oh, sure, we're totally speculating about a possible future Nintendo announcement, with little more than circumstantial evidence to support the theory. It's an ill-advised move, we know. Still, we wouldn't mind stylus control in our next Pikmin. And interacting with digital photos, maybe ones from our own garden, could be gee-whiz neato. What say you? For or against Pikmin on your DS? Would it push you over the edge to rebuy the Nintendo DS for a third time?


Arthur Zeferino

That would indeed be a good use for a camera.. pointing your ds camera to your garden and watch the little pikmins running on it.. I like the idea..