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Fanboy Dorks Ruin Metacritic

Illustration for article titled Fanboy Dorks Ruin Metacritic

It's just a tragic facet of the human condition - a tribal instinct that can pit friend against friend and brother against brother. Catholic v Protestant, Sunni vs Shia, Spectrum v Commodore 64 and now - perhaps most bitterly of all - Xbox 360 v PS3. This latter conflict is currently raging between the HTML tags of review aggregating site Metacritic. Trouble started when LittleBigPlanet seemed to have an unusually low user rating - currently at 6.4, compared to 95% approval by 'real' critics. It soon became apparent that Xbox fanboys had been posting deliberately low user ratings to spite the PS3-touting infidels. The PS3 nation was quick to respond with an equally daft Gears of War 2 review bomb that has left the Xbox shooter with an embarrassing score of 2.8 at time of posting. UN Peacekeepers are on standby. PS3 Fanboys Strike Back: [Ripten]


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Jason Van Tuyle

who looks at the user scores anyway?