Analyst: Sony May Never Break Even On PS3

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DFC Intelligence president & senior technology analyst Wanda Meloni spoke at the GameON: Finance 2.0 conference in Toronto, weighing in the major console manufacturers' futures. According to a Gamasutra report from the event in Toronto, Meloni believes that Sony may never break even on the PlayStation 3 platform because of the losses incurred on each console sold. Sony announced its quarterly results earlier today, showing improved PlayStation hardware sales, but ultimately posting a hefty loss. We're unsure if Meloni was drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, factoring in the 10-year lifecycle Sony has planned for the hardware. Meloni also believes that Sony's slice of the console market share, at 67% during the PlayStation 2 era, will shrink to 50% or below. GOF 2008: DFC Claims PS3 Unlikely to Break Even, PC Not Dying [Gamasutra]


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I highly doubt it. This analyst is obviously an xbox/wii fanboy.

The PS3 made a huge contribution with the winning next-gen format Blu-Ray Disc, and the PS3 has really picked up and is actually selling better than anyone would expect. There is a set of some really good titles for this holiday season that will move console sales and PSN is really improving.

I can say without a doubt that Sony has the ability to have 20 million units sold (all together) by the end of March. I mean God of War III will move systems for sure because there will be die hard fans of the series waiting for it to come out so they can buy their PS3's to play it.