This Is What You Look Like Playing Video Games, Kids

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Photojournalist Robbie Cooper — whom you may remember from his book Alter Ego: Avatars and their Creators, in which flesh and blood gamers were photographed and paired with their virtual world counterparts — has another fascinating, if brief, visual project focused on gamers. Dubbed "Immersions," it showcases the intense facial concentration, blank stares and slackjawed tongue-work most of us exhibit while playing games. Some are hilarious, some are puzzling — what's that kid crying over at 1:56? — and some are a little sketchy, considering some of the games I recognize by sound only are definitely M-rated kill sprees. Regardless, I found it a fascinating 4 minutes. Anyone feel like offering some help in identifying some of the games being played? I can pick out a few — GTA IV, Call of Duty 4, Virtua Fighter 5(?) — but most are just on the tip of my tongue. Immersion [The New York Times via Waxy]

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Bearded Bastard

yeah gta 4 and star wars battlefront,

i love the M rated games peddled to the kids though thats pretty cool. those are some pretty far stretched expressions though, like i know sometimes ill lean toward the screen and kinda squint to focus on one spot harder, but man , and then theres the tear kid, i think thats something that should get checked out, my eyes whave watered after an all nighter but hell, i havent had a full tear fall from my eye before