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The Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter Pie In The Sky

Illustration for article titled The Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter Pie In The Sky

Fighter Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is an interesting tie-in. On one hand, you've got MK and on the other DC Comics. Interesting! But MK creator Ed Boon has even bigger dreams. In an interview, Moral Kombat vs. DC Universe senior producer at developer Midway Hans Lo dishes, "Ed has always wanted to do a mash-up — that was one of his dreams. His dream is MK versus Street Fighter, that's obviously the game he wants to make more than anything else in the world. For various reasons that's obviously not going to happen anytime soon!" MK vs. DCU came about thanks to someone senior in the Midway marketing department knew someone senior in business development at DC, and they "concocted" the game and viola, here we are today. Now, if only Ed Boon and his eyebrows could get Midway and Capcom together, his dream would be totally real. Mortal Kombat VS DC: Midway Interview [Kikizo]


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I am amazed at all of the mk hate. Need I remind you that while mk's sequels might have had a few duds along the road (mk4, mk armageddon) at least they were trying new things, while the sf series has been essentially the exact same damn game released a thousand times. Also accusing mk games of having sloppy controls is ridiculous. Mk's controls are simply slower because midway fighters don't play at "super anime crack addict" speed. Mk games also don't resort to cheap tricks to boost their roster like releasing the EXACT character, with the EXACT same moveset multiple times (ryu, ken, dan, akuma, sakura ect). Mind you back in the day rain, noob, scorpion and ect might have all had the same costume, but they had wildly different move sets. To insult mk's art direction is equally ridiculous. While nearly every other fighter out there consist of character rosters that are nothing more than generalized stereotypes, mk in recent years has at least started to give each character unique and detailed costumes as opposed to the accepted fighter costume selection of pajamas, boxing shorts or sumo outfit.

I would also direct you to the EX series as well as the vs snk series. Why? Because nobody bought those games except for the most diehard of fighter fans because they sucked!

I want you to keep in mind that I am very much a street fighter fan and I have also been a bit disappointed in mk's recent attempts. The difference is I live in reality and I understand that all-in-all mk is a superior franchise and at the least, they've successfully made the jump to 3d and have actually released a game in the last 10 years, something sf still struggles to do.