UK:Resistance Breaks Up With Sonic

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It's a sad day. UK:Resistance, whose long and sometimes torrid love affair with the Sonic the Hedgehog series is the stuff of legends, has decided to drop the Sega mascot from their logo.

I've been following UK:Resistance since the late 90's, and while I can't say I've always agreed with the way they chose to cover Sonic and friends (with various, NSFW bodily fluids usually), I have to say I respect how long they've stood by him in the face of sub-par game after sub-par game. Well now they've finally had enough. They want fans to design them a new logo, and the guidelines are pretty simple:

You can be serious. It doesn't have to be Blaze Fielding sucking Ryo Hazuki's cock, although that would probably get linked to by Kotaku so if you have the art skills and time...


There's no probably about it, Commander. Hit up the link below to see how the love has died.

The Now-Official Design UKR A New Logo Competition [UK:Resistance - Thanks hahnchen!]

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