Club Nintendo Is Live, Slow & Buggy

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After a few false starts yesterday, the North American Club Nintendo officially, but quietly, went live. Unfortunately, that doesn't yet mean the service is actually working as expected, with bugginess and account problems abound.

Last night, I joined Club Nintendo after a few failed attempts to retrieve my long forgotten My Nintendo account details, eventually throwing in the towel and starting fresh. While I did manage to register a half-dozen Wii games from my library, earning those coveted coins after trudging through some rather pointless surveys, accessing my account has been slow and spotty.


Things don't appear to be in much better working order today. But, my coins are there and I'm *this* close to Gold membership status. The only thing I'm dreading more than registering my Nintendo DS and Wii Shop Channel libraries is having to choose between the Game & Watch Collection and the Hanafuda card set.

How has your experience been?

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I can take the stupid survey for a game I registered during the My Nintendo days but I can't have that game listed as a registered game in my Club Nintendo account? And then I can't type the code to get it re-registered because it's apparently ALREADY REGISTERED? Then WHO THE HELL has the game REGISTERED if it's not ME!?

Oh, and they really should fix that "Register you products!" typo.