Activision Boss Confirms Existence Of DJ Hero

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If Activision's filing of the trademark for DJ Hero and real-life DJ Paul Oakenfold's verbal approval of the rhythm game wasn't ample evidence of the still-unannounced project, hearing it straight from Activision's boss should be.


CEO Bobby Kotick matter-of-factly spoke of the game, rumored to be handled by Activision's recently acquired FreeStyleGames and detailed first right here, on CNBC this week.

"We have this product called DJ Hero coming out later this year, which is a turntable that you actually can play competitively and spin discs and mix songs," Kotick said, looking frosty at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Yeah. So, to sum up, Activision's making DJ Hero, it'll be out this year and it has a turntable controller. Doesn't get much more clear than that, kids.

Activision CEO: Nice To Have Cash [CNBC via Eurogamer]


It'll be interesting to see how they put this game together...since one would think that DJing is more about styling and mixing vs. a structured progression of notes.