Rumor: Battlefield 1943: Pacific Appearing At NY Comic Con

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Looks like EA may be bringing the Battlefield series back to World War II, as listings — and a supposed announcement — for Battlefield 1943: Pacific indicate a New York Comic Con showing.


Talk of another Battlefield title due in 2009 has been swirling on the on the official EA forums, with users rooting out details of the unannounced game on a pair of sites, one being the official New York Comic Con schedule.

According to Electronic Arts' schedule at the official NYCC web site, Battlefield 1943: Pacific post cards will be handed out at the show. Yes, post cards. That listing has recently been removed, but is available via Google Cache here. Whether it was removed because someone at EA or DICE had a fit over its stealth reveal or whether the publisher has decided to push the game's official announcement back, we frankly don't know.


Alongside that, French gaming site JeuxActu writes that the game has already officially been announced, listing the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as release platforms. As far as we can tell, EA has yet to announce the game, though it did confirm the existence of Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a 2010 release and DICE was rumored to have one of its announcements spoiled this week.

Thanks to Ben for the detective work and heads up!

EA annonce Battlefield 1943 Pacific [JeuxActu]

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BF1942 was so f'ing kickass, I'll play this. And for all of you "but battlefield comes out every year!" No. Fail. Battlefield is played on the PC, there's been 3 and a mod. 1 WW2, 1 Vietnam, 1 modern combat, and the 2142 mod that wasn't a full game. We PC gamers did not get Bad Company, I'd play it if it were on PC. Send me more BF though any day