EA Brings Motion Plus To Tiger Woods, Tennis

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Think of the applications that will most benefit from Nintendo's Motion Plus for the Wii. Lightsaber fights, that's one. But golf? You, or at least your dad, will go bananas for it.

So get ready for bananas, then, because EA just revealed (courtesy of an invitation email) that next year's iteration of Tiger Woods on the Wii - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - will use Motion Plus.


This means that, unlike current golf titles on the Wii, Tiger Woods 10 will bring true 1:1 swing recognition to what's still the best golf game on the market. And like we said, if that's not enough to get you excited, it's more than enough to get your dad excited.

Also spilled in the email is the fact EA's all-new tennis game will join Tiger in supporting Motion Plus.

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I was going to send my parents a copy of We Love Golf and a Wii to play it on (against me, online) until I found out that it was the old three clicks system with waggle. This plan may be resurrected by Tiger. Meanwhile, I haven't golfed in two years because it was such a pain to get to and from the golf course without a car, so if this spares me a few rounds of full priced duffing before I get my swing back in shape it'll be well worth it.