New Nintendo Patent Looks Like Picture Pages 2.0

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A new patent application Nintendo has filed in the U.S. tips its hand to a potential new focus for the game-maker, and no, it is not core gamers.

I'm no patent inspector or IP attorney, but what's being described here looks like an application of the Wiimote, not some new hardware or peripheral. By using the Wiimote inits pointer mode, kids (or those with developmental disabilities) work on activities such as identifying shapes, recognizing letters and colors and animals. The software will offer some audiovisual cue and the little tyke will use the Wiimote to register the correct answer. For example, What is Mario fondling in this picture? That's right, he's fondling a SKUNK. (OK, he's fondling a cat.)

Using the Wiimote's motion capabilities, kids can simulate certain chores or personal hygiene tasks, reinforcing their necessity and teaching responsibility for them. Mario and Pikachu are depicted in the filing as characters involved in this game. The application also makes reference to other licensed characters, like Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder.


Siliconera found the filing yesterday. This isn't proof of an actual product under development. Nintendo could also be working on something along these lines that comes out completely different. But it does give a good hint that Ninty's taking a hard look at the edutainment market.

Is Nintendo Taking a Big Step Toward Edutainment [Siliconera via Joystiq]

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Arthur Zeferino

Nintendo has always done educational kids games.. the SNES had tons of those (Mario is Missing, Mario and The Time Machine, etc..), not to mention the PC stuff like Mario Teaches Tipping.. nothing new here.

Still.. most comments here will ignore this fact and whine about Nintendo, casual gaming and all that crap.