Funcom "Opens The Floodgates" With Conan Free Trial

Funcom really, really wants new players to come try out Age of Conan, releasing a persuasive video and a free trial offer to try and make that happen.

Age of Conan has gotten off to a bit of a slow start. Well, that's not entirely true. More like it got off to a quick start, and then a large chunk of folks left. A slow middle, if you will. Now Funcom finally releases a free trial client, on the hopes that a horde of people have been just sitting around, waiting for such an offer.

"The time has finally come for us to open the flood gates," says Morten Larssen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom. "There is a world of gamers out there who have never played ‘Age of Conan' and we want them to experience what hundreds of thousands of gamers have before them. The game has matured tremendously since launch, and we feel confident that this is the time to launch a trial. ‘Age of Conan' is simply bigger and better than it ever was, and we want both new and previous players alike to experience that!"


So it's finally ready for the public?

Players can download the free trial directly from the Age of Conan website, though if they sign up over at Fileplanet you get fourteen days and an exclusive firework, perfect for firing off as you welcome the crowd passing through the floodgates.


well 6 months late. Same with war. sad.