Amazon Selling Xbox 360 Digital Games, Wii, PS3 Incoming?

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Amazon today launched the Amazon Xbox Live Store which allows people to purchase Xbox Live digital games through the online store. Rumors have it that similar stores may soon be arriving for Sony and Nintendo.


Customers purchase the games for cash, not Microsoft points, and then receive a download code which they have to enter into their Xbox 360 to download the game. You can also send the code to a friend as a gift.

The service also allows people to purchase subscription cards for Xbox Live and Microsoft Points to use on the Xbox 360 for purchasing games, shows and movies.

We've been hearing rumblings for months now that a similar service might be coming for Nintendo's Wii and DSi and perhaps Sony's Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable.

Reached for comment this morning, Amazon said they "don't comment on future plans."

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