Gearbox Explain Cel-Shaded Borderlands

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Gearbox. It's OK. So you changed the art style of Borderlands. It's well within your rights! You are, after all, the ones making the game. You don't need to fall over yourselves justifying the decision.


Posted on the game's official forums in response to what they must perceive to be an uproar, a statement attempts to explain the change as a natural progression. That games never look like their concept art.

[We have] developed technology and techniques to render the concept art look for the game in real time 3d. We don't know what to call the result. You can use whatever term you like. We decided to use the term Concept Art Style.

"Concept Art Style"? It's cel-shaded. And Gearbox: it's cool. This isn't 2003. You can render your game in whatever art style you want, and so long as the game is good, people will dig it. Prince of Persia looked great, people loved it. Crackdown looked great, people loved it. And Borderlands looks great.

We'd rather worry about how the game plays after so long tucked away than how it looks...

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Tom Clancy's Samuraidino

Hell,why would anyone complain?

Before this Concept art Styled cel shading comicesque watercolour filter or whatever they wana sugar coat it as,the game wasnt on my radar and could have been confused with any generic TPS (Everything I saw of it before the change reminded me of Fracture)

After this change I gotta say,the game has actually been picked up by my gaming radar