Borderlands Concept Art Style Rather Fetching

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As part of their ongoing effort to distance their new game from the term cel-shading, Gearbox has released a full screenshot of Borderlands, demonstrating its rather appealing new look.


Call it cel-shading if you want; Borderlands' new look is definitely unlike any cel-shaded game I've ever seen. Gearbox calls it Concept Art Style, and while I'd hesitate to coin a new term just to describe what we're seeing here, I'd definitely apply several firmly established terms to it, such as attractive and intriguing. Then again I do have a strange fascination with women with pinkish red hair, so it could just be the geek lust talking.

Check out the official Borderlands website for a larger version of the screenshot.



...I find it funny that so many people are gushing over this when Afro Samurai used a very similar technique.