Microsoft's E3 Expo Live Blog

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It's that time of year again! Join us as we bring you play-by-play coverage of Microsoft's 2009 E3 press conference. Be there for the laughter, the tears, and whatever game and hardware announcements that haven't already been leaked, and some that have! Be sure to stay for the whole thing, or at least come back towards the end, as there very well could be free pizza involved. In fact, there definitely could be...check out the rules below!


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How pizza works: Towards the end of the live blog we will be asking a trivia question based on what have happened in the live blog, so if you're paying attention, then great! The first person to answer correctly in our comments section will snag a free pizza, delivered to your place of work or residence via the magic of the internet. Free pizza is limited to U.S. readers only, as we're the only country with decent pizza.


wtf? all these iPhone-y/"make your xbox part of your life" apps for nxe, and yet all these testosterone/mountain dew games! Am I the only one who sees a major identity crisis w/in MS right now.

I mean: felicia day and cliffy on the same stage. They are making an all out attack, but it doesn't seem very strategic.