Chris Taylor Saves (My) Face At E3

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The partial facial paralysis I suffered on the Friday before E3 is a bit better today, thanks in no small part to the advice of Gas Powered Games founder and CEO, Chris Taylor.


I stopped in to see Chris for an appointment I had to look at Supreme Commander II, but I was running a little late. I took an outside route between the two main show halls, and with the sun just peeking out from behind a week-long bank of clouds, the one eye that was not closing was getting far too much light, which made for slow going. I explained this when I finally arrived at the appointment, and instead of launching into the presentation, Chris perked up.

"Is it Bell's Palsy?" I nodded. "Here's what you do..."

Apparently Chris had the same thing happen to him several years ago, and Supreme Commander II was put briefly on hold as he explained how he took care of the condition. I had received a lot of advice on the subject since the condition first struck, but something about Mr. Taylor's enthusiasm over sharing his method...especially during a time when he was supposed to be sharing his latest creation with the press...made me take note.

His suggestion? Lots of ibuprofen, and lots of sleep. Ibuprofen acts as an anti-inflammatory, and the main symptom of Bell's Palsy is an inflammation of the nerve that controls the muscles of your face. Said nerve travels through a very narrow corridor in your skull, and if it swells up, then no signals are getting through.

Keep in mind that you should consult your physician before treating any condition on your own. Chris Taylor is not a doctor, though he could easily play one on TV.


As it turns out, taking three ibuprofen pills three times a day makes one incredibly sleepy, so the rest part wasn't a problem. I actually spent most of Saturday curled up asleep on my couch with my cat sitting next to me in my suitcase, which I should probably get around to unpacking.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and wandered into the bathroom, and when I tried to smile, the left side of my lip curled. It's very slight, but it's much more movement than I've seen since the Friday before last, so I'll take it. My left eyelid also fluttered when I tried to blink, so something is definitely happening.


Of course, it could be just the extra sleep, or it could just be the natural progression of things. This is why doctors argue over how to handle Bell's Palsy constantly...but it really doesn't matter. Chris Taylor gave me advice, but he also gave me a little hope, and maybe that's just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and Supreme Commander II looks lovely.

I'd just like to add a big thanks to everyone who responded positively to my original post. Your well-wishes also meant a great deal to me, even if most of you aren't the CEO of a game development company.



One day I will be a CEO of a game company so people will appreciate my medical advice too. :(