Battlefield Heroes Cashing In On Michael Jackson [Update]

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Michael Jackson is dead. And lots of people are looking to cash in on his passing. Some, like Amazon, at least have a point. But a cartoon war game set during the Second World War?

We're trying, and failing, to see the point. Well, aside from the obvious point, that being there's a buck to be made from the death of the King of Pop.


As you can see in the pic here, the game will next month be offering two new costumes, one for the good guys, one for the bad guys. The good guys get a Smooth Criminal Outfit. The bad guys, a Bad outfit.

They're a little out of place, we know, but potentially most galling is that when you click on the advertisement on the game's site, you're prompted to cough up for "Battlefunds", the games currency (that's paid for with real money). Classy, EA. Classy. Hopefully that's just an administrative oversight, and when they do go live, they're free.

UPDATE - Yup, was an administrative oversight. EA contacted us this morning to let us know that the outfits will indeed be free.

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mat1cs is not your friend.

let me be the first to say it,

this is fucking stupid.

hopefully no one buys it. the sad truth is, a lot of people probably will. oh well.