About This Nascent Modern Warfare 2 "Boycott"

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Someone ran a poll and, guess what, two out of three people hate paying higher prices. This is called a potential boycott of Modern Warfare 2, unless Activision lowers the $60 price for PC versions.


Total Gaming Network, citing its own poll of the situation, says 68 percent of respondents "will not support the newer, higher price" of Modern Warfare 2. "Most say that Activision's excuse about the weakness of world currency is not to blame, and they refuse to pay the higher price."

Alright. But let's not get carried away with what this is. Not buying a game because of its price is not a boycott, it's "No, thanks." It's a market reaction. A boycott would not only mean not buying the game at its suggested MSRP, but never buying it at any price and, probably for good measure, not even playing it. In a literal sense, it would mean never doing business with Activision unless it reverses its decision. I exempt Infinity Ward because they're not the publisher, and not directly responsible for a pricing decision.

A boycott, if it has any meaning, is directed at the conduct or associations of a business. Typically it means "I will not do business with you at all because what you are doing is offensive to me." Whatever you think of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott, and maybe it is directed at a single product, their outrage is because of Valve's behavior - they feel that a sequel this soon is abusive to the installation base, especially the early adopters, and sells them out. Fine. But I have never heard of a boycott motivated solely by a specific product's price. That's like me going to a restaurant and telling the waiter I'm boycotting their lobster dish because it's $21.95, but still ordering something else from them.

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I still can't get over the UK pricing for this, £55 RRP which forces even the best retailers to still sell it at £45! heck the Prestige Edition is the exact same price in the UK in £ as it is in US$.

As much as i love CoD4 i am seriosuly finding it difficult to commit myself to buying this game.