Dust: An Elysian Tail Is XNA's Best Looking Game

Dust: An Elysian Tail, an entry in Microsoft's XNA Dream Build Play competition, is not only the best looking video game we've seen from the contest, it might be the best looking downloadable Xbox 360 title ever.


In fact, I'm having a hard time believing it's playable. But considering Dust: An Elysian Tail appears to be based on the animated film Elysian Tail, likely giving the developers access to top notch animation, I'm willing to suspend disbelief.

Watch this gorgeous teaser. Don't let the XNA thing frighten you.


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

All the furry joy over this just makes me go "Why"? Oh wait, must be because anytime anything with anthro characters is released, the fandom automatically thinks this means that they are now accepted and the day of when it's okey to wear a tail in public is coming. Never mind that human like animals have been used in storytelling and more for countless years, somehow this..THIS game means that furries get a feather in their cap.

I'm sure Tex Avery and Walt were thinking of a fetish subculture when they created Mickey and Bugs too. Nope, telling a story with human like characters had nothing to do with it.