Elite 360 Dropping In Price, RIP Pro Model

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Looks like we have an execution date for the Xbox 360 Pro model, with this shot from a Meijer catalogue due on August 30 indicating the 360 Elite is in line for a Pro-sized price cut.


You'll remember, of course, that the origins of this rumour - Ars Technica's ever-reliable Microsoft mole - are that the 360 Pro is being phased out, taken off the market entirely, and that the 360 Elite will have its price slashed to that of the Pro to compensate. This will leave only two 360 consoles to choose from: the cheap, hard drive-less Arcade and the 120GB HDD Elite.


'Lo and behold, according to this catalogue, that move looks like it'll take place a couple of weeks from now. So long, 360 Pro model. You lived, you red-ringed, you loved.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back from them. If they don't confirm today there's a good change they'll announce next week during Gamescom.

Update: Reached for comment this afternoon Microsoft had this to say: "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation."

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Not good enough for me...360 is a poorly designed console unable to live a couple years without having it serviced for technical failure. And shame on those who allow Microsoft to fuck'em in the ass.