Red Faction: Demons Of The Badland Micro-Review: British Girls On Mars Go Wild

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What the hell is wrong with you, Volition? You think providing cheap, substantial DLC that expands meaningfully upon the core game is good for us? Well, it's not!

We want to be nickel-and-dimed! We want to pay $5 for a new suit for Alex, or $10 for a new hammer and eXtreme paintjob for Martian dune buggies. Not…not this. $10 for an all-new area of the map with new campaign missions, a new stoyline and a range of new gear?

It's outrageous.

Bang for Buck – This isn't just a random collection of new missions, it's a mini-campaign. You're controlling a new character (Sam), fighting for a new faction (the Marauders) in a new area of the map (Mariner valley), all the while unlocking a little of the backstory of the main game.


Aerodynamic – While in many ways this is just a snapshot of Red Faction, in another key area it actually improves upon the original by doing away with the "currency" of salvage. Now instead of having to pick through the ruins of every building you destroy, new weapons and upgrades are awarded automatically for completing missions, which is a lot less taxing on your patience.

Disconnect – There are only three "campaign" missions in DotB. Three. There are a ton of side-missions to compensate, but those who were hoping for something with a little more meat will be disappointed. It's also a bit of a shame that the new DLC takes place in a small, isolated area of Mars, meaning you can't access any of the regions featured in the main game.

Saints Row 2 fans will already be aware of this, but Volition are definitely on the right track with their DLC. Demons of the Badlands gets the balance between affordability and depth just right, giving fans of Red Faction a (mostly) new experience that should keep them busy for a week or so.

Red Faction: Demons of the Badland was developed by Volition, and published by THQ. Released on Xbox Live (reviewed) and the PlayStation Network on August 13. Retails for 800MSP/$10. Played story campaign to conclusion and around 2/3 of side-missions.


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Al Swearengen hates cocksuckers

I would have liked some more MP goodness. Next content pack I hope is MP oriented. I want a big ass building level, just for the record. Like a 20-story sky-scraper with spawn points at the bottom of it. And NO indestructible beams!

Just a suggestion.